Top Advantages of Hireseeking

Our calibration and testing facility is officially recognized as an institution that maintains electronic measurement equipment to its maximum running capabilities. In the unlikely event that our test & measurement equipment does encounter any issue, our exemplary customer care service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you rent, lease, or buy test and measurement equipment fromHireseeking, you can rest assured knowing that the equipment is devoid of malfunctions or mistakes.


Customer Service Excellence

Your time is valuable, and we value your time. We pledge to deliver excellent customer service.


Comprehensive Solutions

Choose from over 5,000 models of the latest technologies from top manufacturers.

Fulfillment Accuracy & Speed

We take pride in making sure your order is not only fulfilled quickly but accurately.

Reliable Expertise

TRS-RenTelco offers advantages that transcend superior customer service and the latest technologies.

  • Fulfillment Accuracy & Speed…
  • shipping_center
  • Same-day shipping, next-day delivery
  • 99.72% Equipment Quality Rating
  • Comprehensive Solutions backed by Reliable Expertise


The quality levels of our electronic test and measurement equipment are backed up by international certification and standards.


Using an online platform to hire equipment can be advantageous for small businesses. It can help you save time and money as you plan your equipment needs. Plus, hiring equipment can be done after hours, at a time when you have the freest. In addition to saving money, renting can also help you respond faster to different needs from different locations. You can also use it to impress clients with your fleet of diverse machines. Aside from avoiding transportation and logistics costs, renting equipment gives you more flexibility and can help you make more efficient decisions about your equipment.


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