Construction Equipment Rental

Top 7 Advantages of Renting Equipment VS Owning It

Renting Equipment VS Owning It

There are a lot of construction companies all over Australia. They need various construction equipment like a crane, excavator, mini-excavator, Truck, Dozers, Lift boom, etc on a regular basis. As the construction equipment varies from project to project, the small construction company can rent the construction equipment. It is tough to source the equipment from various locations. HireSeeking has brought the best ever solution to this problem. has a lot of enlisted construction equipment sellers from all over Australia. Top cities and areas’ construction equipment renters are with Hireseeking.

Renting Equipment Excavator
Renting Equipment Excavator

Wherever your project is going on, just log in to and find your required equipment. Among the search results, select the best equipment for a supplier and order directly from the website. It is really helpful for small and medium construction companies. The small and medium companies cannot buy all the necessary equipment, So Hireseeking has been considered a blessing for them.

Why Renting is Better?

There are a lot of reasons to choose to rent rather than owning it. The company will need to invest a lot of time. On the other hand, if a company works by renting, It won’t need to invest a lot at the starting. Here we will discuss the reasons and the advantages for the construction companies to rent the equipment rather than owning it.

No Need Much Initial Investment

If you rent the construction equipment rather than buying it at the journey of your company, It will save a huge amount of money. So a new construction company will not need much investment to start up their construction business.

Reduce the Long Time Running Cost

Renting will reduce the long-time running cost of the construction companies. Long time running means, You need to take care periodically and maintain it regularly. Also, you need to hire an engineer for it. It will increase the cost.

Reduce Garaging and Transport Cost

If you have equipment of your own, Then you need to store it and transport it where your project will go on. But if you rent it from Hireseeking, you can get it in any city and town from all the Australia.

Taxation Advantages

If you buy equipment on your own, You will need to pay a big amount of taxes to the government, But if you rent it will cost you less.

Flexible Options

If you rent the equipment, You will get flexible options. For example, you buy it you need to spend money continuously on the equipment whether you have the need of the equipment or not.

Get the Latest & Modern Equipment

If you rent equipment for your project or company, you will get the latest and modern equipment from the equipment rental website in Australia.

Pay Per Hour/ Day

If you rent the equipment, You need to pay per hour/day. On the other hand, you will need to carry a lot of costs to own and maintain the equipment by yourself.

Hiresseking: Best Equipment Rental Agency in Australia

Hireseeking provides a better, smarter way to connect equipment hire suppliers with hire seekers, all in one spot. Hireseeking services a range of customers from a variety of backgrounds including commercial, residential, industrial, and weekend DIY users. No doubt this is the best renting equipment company in Australia.

Why Hireseeking?

  • Cost-Effective
  • Available the suppliers all over Australia
  • Better pricing policy
  • Easy terms and Conditions
  • The website is very user friendly
  • Easy to hire
  • Compare the equipment
  • Verified Seller
  • Unique profile for every renter
  • Get the latest and Modern equipment
Benefits of Hiring equipment from hireseeking
Benefits of Hiring equipment from Hireseeking


Heavy Equipment Rental

5 Reasons to Choose Heavy Equipment from HireSeeking?

Hiring Heavy Equipment Online

Heavy equipment is one of the most important items for construction sites to complete the construction sites on time. Without proper construction equipment, you cannot complete the construction project. So, hiring construction equipment like cranes, mixers, lift boom, rollers and excavators is a big concern for the construction project manager or the construction companies. So, the best solution for the construction companies is to hire the equipment from an online company like HireSeeking.

Heavy Equipment from Hire SeekingHeavy Equipment from Hire Seeking
Heavy Equipment from Hire Seeking

What is the Hireseeking?

Hireseeking is an online heavy equipment rental company from Australia.

Hireseeking provides a better, smarter way to connect equipment hire suppliers with hire seekers, all in one spot. hire seeking services to a range of customers from a variety of backgrounds including commercial, residential, industrial, and weekend DIY users.

Our website provides a unique profile for each listed equipment highlighting the merits of its features. This gives all businesses and equipment sharers the opportunity to list their equipment on a transparent platform and connect to a range of hire seekers.

Benefits of Hiring Heavy Equipment from Hireseeking?

There are a lot of benefits to hiring heavy equipment from Hireseeking. Here are some of them.

Wide Range of Equipment: We have a wide range of equipment to rent at hireseeking. We have

  1. Mini Excavator
  2. Boom Lift
  3. Mobile Crane
  4. Crane Truck
  5. Trailer
  6. Mini Loader
  7. Scissor Lift

We have a lot of equipment to give rent. Sign up with us and rent equipment from us.

Great Number of Suppliers: We have a number of great suppliers at Hireseeking. A lot of heavy equipment supplier has been working with us. you can choose among them.

Benefits of Hiring equipment from hireseeking
Benefits of Hiring equipment from Hireseeking

Comparing with a lot of other Equipment:  As we have a lot of suppliers and available equipment, you can compare the same equipment with other suppliers.

Better Pricing Policy: Our equipment rental price policy is better than other equipment rental companies in Australia.

Easy Terms & Policy: Our equipment rental policy and terms are easier than other equipment rental companies in Australia. So, it would be best for a construction company to rent the construction equipment from hireseeking.


If you are looking for heavy equipment for rental, then you can rely on Hireseeking to get the best deal at affordable prices.

hire an excavator in Australia

Easiest Way to Hire an Excavator in Australia


Excavator Rent in Australia

In Australia, it may not be common knowledge that you can hire excavators. Most people assume that you only hire one when you are planning to dig up properties or when you need to clear pathways on the property. There are times though when you might need to hire an excavator and you will never know about this unless you get a request from your contractor. Usually, they do not let their clients know when they are hiring an excavator and what they are being charged for it. However, there are ways of finding out more about the cost and also the availability of the excavator that you want to hire.

Excavator rent in Australia
Excavator rent in Australia

How to Hire Excavator Online?

Through Online (HireSeeking)

One of these ways is through the internet. There are various companies on the internet that offers cost estimation and free quotes on any excavator hiring that you may need. You can even use the online tool on the internet to find out how much it is going to cost you depending on the type of project and the length of the excavation job.

This can give you a better understanding of whether you should hire the excavator or not. This is especially helpful for long excavation projects where time is of the essence.


Local Contractors

You can also find a good excavator hire company through your local contractors. They usually have a list of all of their contractors that have been approved to do work on any construction project. It is very important for you to check these companies to make sure that they are reliable and that they have the right qualifications and experience to do the job. Not only should their qualifications match what you need, but they should also have the equipment and experience to do the job. A good excavation job requires a lot of equipment.

Types of Excavators to Hire

The most common types of excavators that you can hire are the following: boom, line, and treble excavators, front-end loaders, wheeled/swampland tractors, and front-end dump trucks. The boom excavator is the largest and strongest of all excavators. It is more suitable for digging larger and thicker soil than other types of excavators. A front-end loader is used for smaller excavations and smaller ground surfaces. Treble excavators are used to clearing large undammed or semi-dammed areas that are difficult to access with boom excavators.

Excavators to Hire

A hire-seeking rents excavator is a relatively new model excavator. It is a versatile model that can be used for all types of excavation. Also, it is mainly used to clear mine shafts, shallow boreholes, inland ditches, riverbanks, retaining walls, soil profiles, retaining walls, embankments, private roads, and railway tracks. It is primarily used in excavation for oil and gas explorations.

The long-reach excavators have a much longer width than most other models. Long-reach excavators are mainly used to dig the soil for foundations and bridges. Most long-reach excavators have the ability to dig through soil that is up to 3 feet in depth. They are ideal for building roads and constructing retaining walls.

Why Hireseeking for Hire an Excavator in Australia?

In order to get the best deal on excavator hire, you should compare a number of quotes from different service providers. The cost of the excavation job depends upon how the job is to be carried out, the amount of equipment required, and the size of the area that needs to be excavated. It also depends upon the type of vehicle that is going to be used for the job. When looking for excavator hire services online, you can get a better idea about the prices that are being charged for various types of excavators.



How to hire an excavator is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. You need to consider various factors before taking up service from an excavator hire company. It is important to ensure that the contract has been awarded according to terms and that the cost of the excavator that will be hired is within the budget that was agreed upon. If you are hiring long-reach excavators, you should also make sure that the excavator that you wish to hire is one that is certified for such work. If your budget is tight, you should search for a good company that offers affordable excavators and that has good reviews.

Heavy Equipment Rental

A Complete Checklist to Hire Generator in Sydney

Generator Hire in Sydney

Have you ever thought about hiring a little while before you go on that long trip or camping trip? It is one of the best ways to save money. But if you’re like most people, you don’t really have the time or the money to just spend on renting a generator for the trip. This is where renting from a generator hire service comes into play. Here are some things that you need to consider when it comes to renting your generator from a service.

Decide What Kind of Generator to Hire

Do you need a portable generator or do you need a stationary generator? Are you going to use the generator in your home or in tents and cabins? What size do you need? Do you need diesel fuel or propane fuel? These are all important questions that you need to consider before you rent a generator.

Generator Hiring for Home

If you need to use the generator at home, there are a couple of things that you need to consider. Will you be able to charge your mobile phone using the generator? If you have one, you should ask your service to see if you can charge your phone using the generator as well. There are several companies that will allow you to do this with some companies you just have to call up and ask them about it.

Gas Powered or Electric Power

Do you need a gas-powered or electric generator? How powerful is it? You should look into this to ensure that the generator you are going to rent is powerful enough for your needs. If it isn’t powerful enough, then you will have problems getting it started in the middle of a storm or during a power outage. Also, you need to consider that natural disasters such as tornadoes and earthquakes can knock out generators.

Where are you going to be using the generator?

This is important when it comes to renting a generator. Do you need to be at home or in a tent and cabin? This will determine the size and type of generator that you will need to hire. For example, if you have to camp out in a tent and cabin then you will definitely want to rent a more powerful generator that can run on diesel fuel.

Consider how many people will be using the generator.

If there are several people in your family that like to camp then you will need a large generator to cater to all their requirements. You may also want to rent a portable generator for when you aren’t using it on a regular basis. Portable generators are perfect for vacations and other times when you may not need to use a regular generator.

Finally, look into the company that will be supplying and operating the generator. Some of these companies are better than others. They should be well-known and trustworthy. Check out their reputation and reviews to ensure that they provide reliable services. You don’t want to end up hiring a generator that doesn’t work properly or one that damages the property.


It can be a great idea to hire a generator when a power outage strikes. However, you need to be sure that you are working with a reputable company. Ask around at different businesses and see who they recommend. If a company has performed a good job for others in the past then it is likely that they will do a good job for you. When it comes to a generator, safety is the most important consideration so make sure that you are hiring a company that can provide you with top-quality equipment.

Heavy Equipment Rental

Heavy Equipment Rental in Australia – Why to Rent From HireSeeking?

Why to Rent Equipment instead of Buying?

Construction job sites are getting larger day by day, and it may not be possible anymore to build towers, foundations, trenches, retaining walls, parking lots, fencing, and so on. All these work tasks are hard to manage on your own, which is why hiring heavy equipment rental companies is a smart move. You just have to notify your chosen company about the type of website you want to have constructed, the quantity of soil and rock you need to excavate, and the height of the building. Once they begin working on the project, you just have to wait for the finished product.

Complete Safety & Mechanical Check

First and foremost an ethical, reputed HireSeeking would always perform a complete safety and mechanical check on the used equipment before they rent it out for any purpose. The check isn’t just meant to ascertain that the equipment is running correctly, but it is also important to ensure that all other machinery on site is working properly as well. You wouldn’t want to be stuck using a piece of machinery that is faulty because a small error in judgment or poor maintenance could have deadly consequences.

Safety of the Machinery

Safety and machinery reliability are two of the most important factors when it comes to renting heavy equipment. By having a trustworthy and reliable heavy equipment rental company on your side you can rest assured that your job will be done with the top-of-the-line equipment, without worry. They would have thoroughly tested and inspected the machinery prior to renting it out to you and this is how they make sure your job is done right, every time. They work hard for you and with your best interests in mind. If you are considering hiring a company to help you get things done on-site, make sure you do your homework first by doing a little research.

Reliability of Our Equipment

Safety and Reliability Are the terms synonymous? That is the question you must ask yourself before you choose a heavy equipment rental company. A trusted and reliable one will have no problem at all fulfilling their duties to you and your business. This is why they are such a big hit among construction and mining companies. In fact, most of them operate in close proximity to where the worksites are located. This allows them to be very accessible to their clients, which helps ease stress.

Ensuring the Best Operators as Well

A good company hires only the best workers for the jobsite. They check their background thoroughly to determine whether or not they will be dependable. Most of them offer various ways to hire workers including job placement services, job training and so on. The heavy equipment rental company you pick should be able to give you an assurance that your chosen employees will be able to complete your construction project successfully and safely.

Certified & Licensed Operator

A good construction company hires only certified and licensed professionals to work on their projects. They want to work with machinery and equipment that is guaranteed to work without any accidents or breakdowns. It doesn’t matter how expensive and high-tech the equipment is if it is not safe to use. You might want to call us today and find out whether they are insured, and if their equipment is in good shape.

Supportive Equipment

Skid Steers and Excavators: You can always trust a heavy equipment rental company. Because they also provide mobile construction equipment for any project, whether big or small. They can provide all kinds of excavation equipment such as skid steers, backhoes, bulldozers, and more. If you need a fully automatic machine to do your job then you should choose a rental company that offers this type of service.

Better Rental Pricing

From our website, you can choose the heavy equipment supplier from a large number of suppliers in our website. You will find the pricing better than other companies in Australia. All of our suppliers are highly reputed and well known in the construction industry.


As a client of a heavy equipment rental company, you will surely benefit from lower costs for your construction projects. Not only will you have less to pay for labor fees. But equipment rental company employees will also be responsible for safety measures as well. You can be at peace knowing that your company’s machinery and other resources are in good hands. All you need to do now is to find a trusted company that can provide for your needs. All you have to do now is look for one near your area or start looking online.

Renting a Crane

Things to Know Before Renting a Crane

Hireseeking offers a wide range of cranes and related services, from the traditional vertical. And cable cranes used by construction companies to be more modern. And mobile models which can be moved around on the site. If you are planning to rent crane in Australia, we suggest that you should start renting a crane from an experienced and reputable crane service provider. We will provide you with a few pointers on how to choose a good operator and what to look out for when selecting one.

Facts to Check Before Renting a Crane in Australia

Electric or Gas Engine Driven

The first thing that you need to check out when it comes to renting a crane. Whether it is powered by electric motors or gas engines. Crane service providers in Australia stock a wide range of both types. However, it is important to understand that cranes that are powered by electricity need to be plugged in. And sometimes have a long ‘lasting’ cord which must be concealed from view. In order not to cause any safety concerns.

While cranes that are powered by gas can operate without a cord, gas-operated cranes are typically more maneuverable. So, if you are planning to rent a power crane in Australia, you may want to consider the pros and cons of both types. Also, ensure that the crane you select is suitable for your project. As some are only suitable for large structures or have restrictions on the types of applications that they can be used for.

Types of Cranes

It is also important to find out about the types of cranes that are being offered by a rental company. While most rental companies will rent out either a boom or high lift truck. And some will also rent out an electric or a mini crane. Be sure to ask about the types of cranes that are available for rental. If you are looking to hire a mobile crane, it is a good idea to ask about the weight limits of the vehicle itself and how many employees it normally holds. This will ensure that your rental is covered in case of an accident.

Check the Reviews of the Supplier

On the internet, there are a number of sites that provide reviews of cranes rental in Australia. You should try to read as many reviews as you can and determine which companies you wish to work with. In some cases, a review can even give you access to personal testimonials. These reviews are usually written by business owners who have worked with various crane services. The information provided on these sites may be of particular use as they pertain to cranes rented out for various purposes in Australia.

Reputation of that Company

In addition to reviewing reviews, you should also consider the reputation of different crane rental companies before renting a crane. You can do this by asking other companies in the same industry about their experiences with certain companies. Make sure to ask them about the specific cranes they used and whether any of them broke down or were damaged. It is also a good idea to ask them how long they have been working with the particular company. This will help you narrow down your search to a few cranes that are suitable for your needs

Policy About Damages

It can also be useful to know how much time the rental company will take to remove your crane from the site. You will also want to find out if they will send someone to pick up your crane at the airport. Ask about the policies regarding damaged cranes, lost equipment, and so forth. By keeping all of this in mind, you will be able to choose the best rental company to work with when it comes to a crane rental in Australia.

Appointment to Transport the Crane

Once you are satisfied that the right crane is suitable for your needs, it is time to make an appointment to have the crane transported to your site. It is always best to arrange for transport on the day when you are most comfortable with the machinery. To find a crane rental in Australia which is suitable for your needs, you may want to visit the website that specializes in cranes or contact a local crane rental company. If you prefer to talk to a representative personally, there are several ways in which you can contact a rental company, including emailing them or calling them on the phone.

Where to Find the Best Heavy Equipment in Australia?

There are many heavy equipment rental companies in Australia. You should pick a reputed and well-known lifting equipment rental company. HireSeeking is such a reputed and committed company. The renting process and policy are highly friendly.

Why You Should Prefer HireSeeking?

  1. Wide ranges of lifting and heavy equipment available
  2. Compare all the supplier
  3. Highly reputed and committed
  4. Smarter way to choose heavy equipment
  5. Customer friendly policy
  6. Unique profile for each company


Crane rental in Australia can be a very simple process if you know what questions to ask and what to look for. In most cases, you should not have to pay any fees upfront as some rental companies do offer this. It is also important to remember that rental companies will need to see proof of insurance before they allow you to rent their equipment. If you are renting from a private owner, you may also be able to rent the equipment on his behalf. However, if you are going to rent from a rental company, they will almost always require insurance on the equipment for their own protection.


Dial Before You Dig: 1100 DBYD – The Essential First Step in Any Excavation.

Dial before you dig – DBYD

What is Dial Before You Dig: DBYD?

Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) is a referral service that is available for free nationwide. Which provide all necessary information to identify in ground essential services across Australia. Before you undertake any excavation project – no matter how small or big – you have to ensure that there are no buried assets in that location. The only way to be sure of this is to get the information about the site or location you’re working on from DBYD.

Why do you need Dial Before You Dig: DBYD before any excavation?

All excavation projects have one fundamental aspect, which are SAFETY and COST, and the essential first step to achieve this is Dial Before You Dig

Any excavation, irrespective of size, has the potential to damage assets located around the work site, leading to service interruptions, delays, costly repairs and in the worst-case scenario, injury or death. Obtaining information from Dial Before You Dig significantly minimises these risks by providing information about the work site before hand

How Dial Before You Dig: DBYD works?

Dial Before You Dig service functions as a singular contact point between locators and asset owners. It is a national inquiry service accessible for everyone with plans to excavate.

. This will help to significantly reduce the risk of damaging an essential infrastructure or a utility asset. This service is very easy to use, quick, and also free. So, you don’t have any excuse for damaging an underground cable or pipe because you failed to carry out that essential first step of contacting Dial Before You Dig.

  • Visit to register for a FREE account or dial before you dig login
  • Or call dial before you dig phone number 1100 during business hours
  • Create a new enquiry and submit to DBYD
  • DBYD system notified registered essential services provider members
  • Registered essential services provider members response to your enquire directly.
  • Take time and read carefully the information you received before commence the excavation

When it comes to excavating, there are five guidelines recommended by Dial Before You Dig. It is called the 5Ps of safe excavation. This will help to minimize the risk of injury, damage, and potential loss of life.

The 5Ps of Safe Excavation?


The first thing to do is a plan for the excavation with DBYD. You can do this by inquiring with DBYD at least two working days before starting the excavation work. This will ensure that you can get the necessary information you need and make you have the right safety measures.

The information you will get from DBYD will include a sheet for inquiry confirmation, including a list of member’s assets within the area and their contact details. Then you can try to get information from the members.

Also check for any visual cues that may indicate the presence of services not covered in the DBYD plans


To prepare for your excavation, you need to review the utility plans, and if you need assistance, you can contact the utility. You can also look through infrastructure clues and onsite assets such as marker posts, pit lids, etc. You also need to engage a locator that is DYBD certified and then undertake an electronic location before you start potholing. 


Pothole helps you to find the exact position of the underground asset or infrastructure. But you need to use the method specified by the owner of the asset on the information pack or owner’s plan.


After you are done with potholing, the next thing is to protect the asset or infrastructure you find, and there are different ways you can do this. You can do this by communicating with all the people working with you on the site, or you can erect barriers and mark that particular spot of the infrastructure.


This is the last step, and this is where you start your excavation work. However, this only comes after you have gone through the previous processes of planning, preparing, potholing, and protecting. the online marketplace for equipment hire and rental, highly recommends its customers to follow the 5Ps of Safe for any excavation.


1.Dial before you dig cost to obtain a dial before you dig report?

Lodging a Dial Before You Dig enquiry is FREE.

2. what is the depth of Telstra/NBN cable on dial before you dig report?

Normally, the minimum depth of cover for these conduits is normally 300 mm or 450mm, please check with NBNCO or Telstra prior to excavation.

3. what is the depth of gas services on dial before you dig report?

Normally, a minimum 450mm depth of cover from the finished surface level from the top of the gas service line. Please check with the Gas authority prior to excavation.

4. what is the depth of Power services on dial before you dig report?

It has been noted on the report.

Normally, 600mm-1200mm depth of cover from the finished surface level from the top of any Power service line. Please check with the power authority prior to excavation.

5. Do reports have an expiry date?

Yes. Plans do have an expiry date and this information can be found on the plans or information pack you receive from registered asset owners with the Dial Before You Dig service

checkout hireseeking for hire best excavation equipments


Seeking equipment hire? Try this new website

Seeking equipment hire? is one of the fastest-growing online marketplaces for equipment hire in Australia. If you are looking for equipment hire from your local, look no further – just visit

Excavator hire, bobcat hire, skid steer loader hire, mini loader hire, crane hire, truck hire and trailer hire are the most popular listings on hireseeking.

What is

Looking for equipment hire?

hireseeking provides a better, smarter way to connect equipment hire suppliers with hire seekers, all in the one spot. hireseeking services a range of customers from a variety of background including commercial, residential, industrial and weekend DIY users.

The website provides a unique profile for each listed equipment highlighting the merits of its features. This gives all businesses and equipment sharers the opportunity to list their equipment on a transparent platform and connect to a range of hire seekers.

With over 1500 equipment listed Australia wide, hire seekers can easily search, compare and hire their desired equipment to get the job done.

How works

  1. Search for any equipment, plant, tools or vehicles near you on the website for your needs
  2. Compare by price, distance, features and more options and choose the equipment you need
  3. Hire by calling or sending a request to the perfect hire or rental supplier

If you are an equipment supplier, it’s free to register with and there are no joining fees. Visit www.

Excavator hire, bobcat hire, skid steer loader hire, mini loader hire, crane hire, truck hire and trailer hire are the popular listings on hireseeking.

Seeking equipment hire? Try this new website.

Most popular categories

Excavator hire / Digger hire
Skid steer hire / Bobcat hire
Mini loader hire / Dingo hire / Kanga hire
Trailer hire / Box Trailer hire / Enclosed Trailer hire / Plant Trailer hire
Access hire / Scissor Lift hire / Cherry Picker hire / Boom Lift hire
Compaction hire
Electronic Traffic Board hire / VMS hire
COVID19 news

Starting hireseeking during pandemic: How we thrive with Covid-19

There’s no perfect time to start a business. hireseeking started its journey on April 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. We saw this opportunity because the act of renting large equipment gear as opposed to buying it has demonstrated to be valuable for all sizes of organisations across the world. This has brought about the strong growth of the rental market. Significant development is seen in areas, for example, transport, lodging, energy, and force, which have enormous scope ventures. Adding to that, transportation, activity and overhauling prerequisites are decreased numerous folds. Both these components fuel interest for the equipment rental market today and in the coming future.

When numerous organisations are working remotely, working at restricted limit or shut down totally, it might appear as though there are hardly any, occasions to accomplish business development. In spite of these difficulties, there are approaches to capitalise on the current conditions and keep developing the business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

hireseeking equipment rental offers opportunity for seekers and suppliers, we aimed for a place where range of services are provided for customers from a variety of background including commercial, residential, industrial and weekend DIY users. During this Covid-19 pandemic, we have surged in popularity for a variety of reasons. A few key contributors to the growth of equipment rentals include the rising cost of purchasing equipment for a company or organisation, and also for simple constructions and renovations at homes during this pandemic. Leasing equipment has become a suitable alternative for some organisations, and gives them the capacity to reduce expenses and run an all the more monetarily stable development business. Additionally, we are helping equipment owners make a profit during this time where a lot of people lost their jobs due to business close-outs.

Here are a few advantages we tender for the equipment SEEKERS:

Less Maintenance and Repair Costs

With rentals, the time and work costs related with upkeep and fixes are lower and more sensible. Instead of agonizing over keeping a bit of equipment, renting eliminates this additional pressure from your timetable. Equipment rentals permit you to focus on other things more important instead of setting aside the effort to draw out an upkeep plan.

Protects you from Market Fluctuation

Construction is dynamic and numerous things may impact the market. Rising or sinking expenses of equipment or the quantity of occupations accessible are generally out of your control. Renting can pad your or your organisation from any erratic monetary plunges that may emerge. As opposed to focusing on an equipment, renting considers an adaptable choice that makes it simpler to deal with the ascent and fall of market influences.

Provides for a Specific Equipment Rental

Ordinarily, we have different projects with various tasks that needs different kind of equipment. Instead of buying equipment for a specific purpose, think about renting one for your specific project. This kills any calculated defers that you may insight, and gives each place of work the suitable resources to get the project completed in a productive way.

Save storage space

When you own equipment, you have to dedicate a space for it to store when not in use. When you rent one, you don’t need to worry about where to place it, especially if the equipment is big which can take up a of of space.

On the other hand, for the suppliers, they can increase their revenue. As Covid-19 challenges a lot of industries with temporary closures and limited client contact, supplying equipment rental can keep you afloat. Since you’ve got equipment unused, why not rent it out to help fill your pocket. It is a perfect way to increase your revenue.

We thrive during this Covid-19 pandemic because we deliver what we promise our seekers and suppliers. Building a professional website and social media pages are our most important step in growing despite the pandemic. We created partnerships no matter how big or small and getting referrals and positive feedbacks made us confident that we can continue on and prosper for the coming years.


Melbourne Airport Rail Link construction to start 2022

hireseeking is thrilled by the announcement of Melbourne’s long-awaited airport-to-city rail link. Both the Victorian Government and Commonwealth Government have each committed $5 billion to the project.

When the Melbourne Airport Rail Link is completed in 2029, passengers arriving at Melbourne Airport will be able to take trains to the heart of the CBD every 10 minutes.

Airport trains will run through the Metro Tunnel (which itself will be ready in 2025), meaning people on the Cranbourne and Pakenham lines can get to the airport without changing trains, while Melbournians on other metro lines, will have just one interchange from their closest station.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said construction will begin in 2022 and will support up to 8000 jobs.

hireseeking welcomes this project as it brings opportunities for Victoria’s equipment hire suppliers. The demand for both machines and operators is a welcome boost to the state’s construction and plant hire community.