Types of Excavator & Where to Rent Those in NSW?

Construction Equipment

The construction equipment industry is rapidly growing in Australia and it has a very large potential as the construction boom shows no signs of slowing down, so this industry will continue to grow and evolve over time. The popularity of machinery like excavator rentals within the construction sector also reflects how we are moving away from traditional trade skills towards using more modern techniques that require specialist knowledge.”

Excavator is a very important piece of equipment for any type of building work. If you are going to do any construction at home or anywhere else then it is very essential for you to hire some excavator. This equipment is mainly used for large construction work. In fact, generally, the main usage of this machine is to dig up and manage materials from the bottom.

How does an excavator work in Construction?

Besides that, this machinery is also called digger and backhoe in the heavy construction sector. In general, there are two types of excavators – one is a front-end loader while the other is a back-end loader. The front-end loader is more flexible and adaptable while the back-end one is powerful and heavy-duty. Excavator hire is the best option if you want to complete any heavy construction projects with ease and in less time. It has been widely seen that excavators play a very important role in the excavation of big and huge materials and they are also used in mining, construction, and other civil engineering tasks.

Different Types of Excavator

There are different types of excavators and all of them are used for different purposes. This machine includes a bucket, boom, scoop, blade, cable, and winch. When it comes to excavation purposes, several types of excavators are available to meet your needs like a backhoe, hydro Excavator, vertical excavators, and engineer flooring. Let us see how these machines work and why you need to hire them for any type of construction project:


This is considered the most common form of the excavator. It has a bucket which is placed on the ground and it can be pointed anywhere you want. It has a long handle that is used to scoop earth and it is very strong and durable. You can hire a backhoe on a short-term basis or on a long-term basis depending upon your needs.

Boom truck:

This is another name for a mini excavator. It has a bucket attached to it is very big in size. The bucket of this machine is made of steel so it is very safe when being used to dig up any material. There are many types of boom trucks available in the market and you can hire a mini excavator for any purpose. These machines are very light in weight so you can easily handle them without any difficulty. However, this type of excavator hire needs experienced manpower to drive these.

Hydro Excavator:

In this category of excavator hire, water is used to power the machine. It is very efficient in digging up any materials and it can break soil and rocks with the use of the force of water. They can be operated by an electric engine or gas engine. These can be hired from any construction sector for taking up any job.

Drilling Rigs:

This type of excavator hire is mostly required during road-building projects and other excavation work. They are mainly used to make holes for installing drainage pipes and cables. You can hire these machines for short or long terms. For small jobs and construction projects, you can rent excavators or you can even buy them. However, if you need drilling rigs for large-scale excavation works, you need to take an expert’s advice and select a reliable machine.

Where to Rent Excavators in NSW?

There are few many agencies and construction equipment companies, there you will get excavators as well as other construction equipment for rental. Hireseeking provides complete web-based solutions for hiring construction equipment. just log on to www.hireseeking.com.au and search the tools you need and your preferred location, you will see e number of equipment suppliers. Chose one of them and hire it.


So, now that you know what kind of excavator you are hiring for, you should now focus on hiring experienced operators who can manage it properly. Hire a mini excavator from Sydney for doing all the excavation work that you need. With the help of an experienced operator, you can accomplish your tasks in a safer and more convenient way.

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